5 Reasons to Go Kayaking in Paradise

Kayaking, its one of the best ways to immerse yourself in nature. Bringing you within a cm’s of the water surface you can explore and watch the reefs without even getting wet. With its low profile exploring the many caves and hongs close by Paradise KohYao becomes and ease as is one of our top recommend activities to do at the resort. If you haven’t already been or are in need of a little convincing here are our top 5 reasons to go kayaking at Paradise KohYao.

Kayaking in Paradise

1. In Tune With Nature

No engines, no distractions, no restrictions. Kayaking lets you get up close and personal with the nature around without any of the noise distractions of engines. The low to the water profile lets you gaze into the underwater world around you. The limestone islands of Phang Nga Bay all have fantastic coast lines. Kayaking is the only way to really get up close and explore the little nooks and crannies of the caves and “hongs” (lagoons) made in this spectacular landscape.

2. The Muscles You Forgot About

Kayaking is a great exercise that engages the muscles in your core, helping you keep that flatten and toned tummy. Paddling requires a lot of core strength and that twisting motion will target those small muscles groups commonly missed with regular gym workouts. Kayaking is a great full body workout and you don’t even need to enter a gym.

3. Arms and Legs

If you’re looking to build some upper body strength, you have found the right activity. Although the workout for your arms is easily understandable, keeping the boat stable and sometimes steering is done with your legs. Your rotating core will need strong legs to keep the boat stable and upright.

4. Cardio Your Joints Will Thank You For

A good cardio workout will normally consists of jogging on a treadmill. With the open waters around you keeping a high speed will get your heart rate pumping. You can burn around 400-500 calories an hour kayaking. Most importantly you’re not hurting your joints. The gliding and low impact motion of paddling will keep your joints pain free.

5. Taking Care of the Mind

Kayaking has been most commonly cited to be a great source of stress release. Research from the Journal of Leisurability suggests that there may be mental and emotional benefits to paddling. So if you are looking for a great way to start your vacation and forget the worries you left at home, take a kayak out on your first day at Paradise KohYao

Couple Kayaking