How to find Paradise?

The journey to Paradise is a great way to explore the surrounding areas, meet the locals, and support the local economy. Take this with a word of caution, this trip may not be suitable for everyone. Our general guideline is that this is for the traveller, not the tourist. If you think this might be out of your comfort zone Paradise offers a direct transfer to the resort from either the airport or hotels in Phuket and Krabi. Find more information on Paradise KohYao’s Transfer Page by clicking here.

Paradise KohYao is located on the northern end of the beautiful and still fairly unknown island of Koh Yao Noi located roughly an hour away from either Phuket or Krabi by boat. Nestled in relaxing bay of Phang Nga and surrounded by limestone cliffs and the National Parkland Reserve the resort is engulfed in nature. From the rice patties and what water lily pond, the busy streets and overcrowded tourist destinations of Phuket will feel like another world away.


Escaping the Crowds of Phuket

Planning your escape to Paradise KohYao from the overcrowded Phuket consists of three stages.

  • Getting to Bang Rong Pier,
  • Bang Rong Pier local ferry to The Manoh Pier, and finally
  • The Manoh Pier by taxi to Paradise KohYao

There are many alternative routes for those with good negotiation skills and real drive to create their own unique Thailand experience. You can hire a local longtails from most piers along the coast of Phuket. These are regular used by locals for fishing so brush up your Thai negotiating skills to see if you can hire one for the day. Pay them in cash when you arrive and leave them a nice tip if the trip went smoothly. These local fishermen can take you directly to the pier at Paradise KohYao and this is a great way to help the support the local community.


Step 1: Live in the Sunshine

Whether you are already staying in Phuket or are arriving at Phuket International Airport, Bang Rong Pier is easily accessible by most taxis or minibuses. Be prepared to negotiate if you are looking at taking a spacious minibus, but our hot tip is try to and find the metered taxis. Make your way through the crowds of signs and minibus drivers and find your way to the end of the terminal exit on the right. Normally there are signs on top the car for metered taxis and are normally two toned, yellow on top and either red or green for the bottom half. Before starting the trip to the terminal make sure they turn on the meter. These rare taxis are always cheaper than the negotiated prices at the airport, especially in high season.

Prices will vary but expect to pay roughly 400 Baht for a taxi to Bang Rong Pier. If negotiating really isn’t your strong suit please note that you can use the App “GrabTaxi” to find a taxi for a reasonable price.

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Step 2: Swim in the Sea

The public boats (longtails and speedboats) are becoming more reliable and are becoming a more regular mode of transport for adventurous or travel-savvy guests. Take this with a word of caution, the comfort levels may not meet the expectations of all travellers and these boats are still dependent on good/fair weather. Scheduled boats leave roughly every hour from Bang Rong Pier. There are two types of boats with two different prices. If you are looking for a more scenic route take the local long tails. These boats are uniquely Thai. There fitted with a big V8 engine and a long propeller. It will be loud so if you are sensitive to noise bring some ear plugs, but this is a great way to get introduced to the stunning islands of Phang Nga Bay. If time is more of a concern, speedboats will be your preferred mode of transport, but cost more than the long tails.

Don’t get fooled. The longtails should cost roughly 120 Baht per person, while the speedboats are 200 Baht per person.

Click this link to see the ferry schedule Public Ferry Schedule from Phuket

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Step 3: Drink the Wild Air

From The Manoh Pier, there are Tuk Tuks (taxis) normally located at the entrance to the pier. These can be negotiated with to take you directly to Paradise. The road can by challenging at times but will provide a great chance to take a look at your surrounds and get immersed into the nature on Koh Yao Noi. We are extremely lucky to have a National Parkland Reserve preserving the forested areas in the north of the island. A small jungle road will take you the last stretch through the National Parkland Reserve to the resort.

You will be looking to spend roughly 800 Baht for a taxi to the resort, but it’s a great opportunity to get a sense of the nature around you.

When you arrive at Paradise KohYao make sure you look for the resident flock of Oriental Hornbills up in the palm trees and have a go on our famous swing in front of the restaurant.