A Welcomed Smile

Every guest coming in through Phuket that has taken our speedboat from Yacht Haven Marina will know this smile. Khun Joop has been welcoming guests and helping them with the transfers to the resort since the beginning. We wanted to send her a big thank you and let you get to know the person who first welcomes you to the resort with this short interview

When did you start working for Paradise Koh Yao?
I started working for the owner before the resort was even open. I remember I started a year before the tsunami so it would be from the 16th November, 2003.

That’s a long time to work in one place. What has been your favourite thing about your job?
It is great to see the guests and their excitement to come to the resort but normally they are pretty tired from long flights. It is great to see them come back from the resort. They are relaxed and happy. It wonderful being able to see that transformation.

Where are you originally from?
I am from here in Phuket.

What do you do in your free time?
My family is very important. Most of my free time is spent with them relaxing at home.

What’s your favourite Thai dish?
There is a Chinese noodle dish I love. Its called Kanomjeen. The noodles are served with curry and vegetables.


Make sure you say hi to Khun Joop as she helps you to the speedboats in Yacht Haven Marina.