Paradise KohYao Achieves the Prestigious Travelife Gold Certification

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Paradise KohYao in Phang Nga, Thailand has just achieved a prestigious Travelife for Hotels & Accommodations Gold Certification. Travelife – the international sustainability certification scheme – assesses a property’s performance in managing their social, environmental and economic impacts.

The labelling scheme helps hotels cut costs and increase sales, by improved sustainability.

To gain Travelife Gold certification the hotel must meet their 150 sustainability criteria. This includes environmental issues, such as minimising their waste and use of energy, water and chemicals; , as well as taking positive action on social issues, such as employee welfare, working with the local community, child protection and human rights. They must also show how they are helping to support local businesses and protect local traditions and wildlife.

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Paradise KohYao has reduced its energy use by taking control of temperature ensuring in room air conditioning has an automatic switch off while guest leave the room, using appliances efficiency by ensuring that reduce heat for dishwashers and laundry machine and load the machine to its full capacity which can help to save percentage of water usage and energy for future generations.


Paradise KohYao has reduced the amount of waste it produces through waste separation to avoid waste generation including reuse and recycling materials where possible for example single-sided paper can be used as a notepad or put it in the recycling box near the photocopies machine so office staffs can reuse it again, inspiring its staffs to bring their own mug to avoid using the disposable paper cups and encouraging its staff to use cotton bag instead of plastic bag to reduce waste.


The hotel uses various methods to save water, including using the low-flow water system including low flush toilet to help reduce water consumption, reuse water by transporting the shower water into the lotus pond and watering of gardens, arouse its staffs to turning off the tap when  wash the dish at the canteen or tooth brushing after lunch, regularly check the water tap to minimize the water usage for example check underground pipe leaks and leaks from internal plumbing, outdoor taps and sprinklers.

As well as these day-to-day environmental measures, the hotel goes further to protect the environment by beach cleaning, join the community for mangrove tree-planting to reduce coastal erosion and plant the local-plants surrounding the village to preserve and maintain the Koh Yao’s ecosystem also encouraging guests to get involved in community conservation activities for example island cleaning, school donation.

The hotel measures its performance regularly to monitor the impact of its sustainability efforts, report on results and plan improvements.


Supporting people

Travelife certification shows that the hotel is committed to treating people fairly and with respect. As well as providing good working conditions for staff and investing in its employees by providing regular training, Paradise KohYao aims to be an active member of the local community. The hotel supports local people by giving donations to local schools, help and develop local schools by build an activity building, supporting local charities, regularly consulting with local government and community on several projects.

Local economy and businesses

Paradise KohYao also tries to support the local community from an economic perspective by buying lives fresh sea food products from local fishermen, support to order food recipe from local suppliers, encourage its guests to visit the village so that they have an opportunity to spend money through local shops and restaurants, increasing its local economy.DSCF0989

Communication with guests

Paradise KohYao also tries to involve guests in their sustainability activities, such as encouraging its guests to reduce energy by providing energy tips such as reusing towels and linen allowing guest to choose whether or not to have theirs linens and towels changed daily to help us save water, Inspire guests to separate waste follow hotel’s green project to minimize negative environment impacts while they are staying in the hotel and informing them not to bring in any extra cans and bottles to the hotel to reduce waste and toxic of e-waste.

A key reason for tourism businesses to care about sustainability is to help protect the unique natural and cultural characteristics of their resort, so it continues to attract tourists in the future. Paradise KohYao therefore serves fresh seafood daily, providing village tour, visit local farming, informing its guest of local restaurants where guest can buy local foods or local products, encouraging guest to work on a rice field, eco bike tour, etc.

For more information on Paradise KohYao’s sustainability achievements, see our profile page on the Travelife Collection website: