What to pack for Paradise


The Travel Essentials Trio – Passport, Tickets, Visa

Well don’t get stuck at the airport because you forgot to bring the essentials. Always check that your passport is valid for at least another year before going overseas. Second always double check if your passport is going to need a visa to get into Thailand or other countries if you are doing a more regional trip.


Ditch the socks

You are going to want to bring some form of sandal, flip-flops, slip-ons because socks and sand are not a good pairing. Especially for those with larger shoe sizes, although you’ll be able to buy a cheap pare of flip flops in Thailand, it might be difficult to find the larger sizes. Bring a good reliable pair from home. 😉

Bug Spray/Sunscreen

Everyone knows that one person that brags that they never get burned, but it doesn’t matter. Use Sunscreen. Every morning before you head out and reapply through-out the day. Mosquitos normally come out in for around 5pm so try to apply before going out for dinner or just before the sunset. Nobody wants to spend their holiday itching a sunburn.

Packets of Tissues

If you plan on leaving the resort to go exploring around Phuket or Thai, some bathrooms might not have toilet paper available. It is common to find waterhoses or water jets in Thai bathrooms, its more effective and hygienic than toilet paper but it is always handy to have one packet of tissues just in case.


Well it is pretty self-explanatory. The sun is bright and the water is nice. Although low tide see’s many beaches end up with dry reef. The best solution to a hot day is to take a dip in the water, whether that be in the sea or in the pool. Although there are plenty of cheap sunglasses available in Thailand you might want to invest in sturdy pair that are polarized or properly screen out the harmful ultra-violet rays.


A Good Book… or Two

There is always going to be some downtime when traveling, waiting on the plan, maybe for some public transport and let’s just say Paradise has some great hammocks to spend the day reading a book in.

Thai SIM card

For those of us that can’t separate ourselves from our phones grabbing a Thai SIM card at the airport is a great solution. Wifi is commonly unreliable due to the amount of people trying to use it so make sure you buy enough data for your surfing needs.