DSDS 2015 Behind the Scenes in Paradise

DSDS 2015 Behind the Scenes in Paradise

Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar, Germany’s version of American Idol came to Koh Yao Noi to shoot their recall episode in Paradise. The stars were overwhelmed with the natural beauty of their surroundings and immediately fell in love with the Paradise experience.

Here are some exclusive DSDS 2015 Behind the scenes photos of the crew in Paradise, from their arrival on longtail boats to Koh Yao Noi, Doing interviews and bikini photo shoots in Paradise Koh Yao and singing in front of the judges in majestic surroundings.


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Join Pascha in an aquatic journey of relaxation.

Aqua Yoga is a low-intensity workout so practitioners at all levels can enjoy without having muscle soreness and stiffness. Water can help relieve stress and tension. Also, the resistance of the water improve strength and maintain balance as well as increasing flexibility.

Water can help relieve stress and tension.

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What are the health benefits of Aqua Yoga?

 It is sweat-free without extra effort, more fun, an exciting way of discovering yoga, a true must try experience that will leave you with no tension nor muscle pain after the work out.

Who can join in on the classes?

Anyone with calm breathing who has an open mind and is willing to try something new. No swimming skill is needed.

What should I do in preparation for the class?

Put on some sun screen and remember to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Try to begin to breathe calmly before the class and get ready for a fun yoga experience.

For more information talk to our staff.

Enjoy your new journey with Aquatic Yoga in Koh Yao Noi, Thailand.

See You In Paradise

Songkran in Paradise

Songkran, Thai New Year in Paradise


Songkran is Thailand’s new Year’s Celebration which takes place annually on the 13th and 14th of April. A national holiday rich in tradition and Thai culture, as well as a bucket-load of fun in the more modern twist on the water pouring ritual.

You may have seen images of thousands of people soaking each other in water, which are indeed true as the whole country takes part in a mass water fight. The tradition behind this comes from the cleansing of the Buddhist images and people by pouring blessed water over their head. This is seen to bring good fortune, pay respect and help to wash away sins.

These days the traditions have been turned into a large scale celebration across the whole country.

In Paradise we pay homage to all of our traditions with traditional Thai food, a Buddha cleaning ritual and of course a big water fight for anyone who is keen to get involved.

To see more photos of this year’s Songkran celebrations visit our facebook page:



Paradise is starting to look a lot like Christmas

Paradise is starting to look a lot like Christmas

Coming back from a short trip to Singapore – to my home away from home @ParadiseKohYao & seeing Christmas trees & lights set up all around the resort, made me feel not only extremely happy, but also very blessed to be experiencing Christmas in such a unique way.

As I was born and raised in the southern parts of Germany, more specifically in the Alps, Christmas looked more or less like this to me:alpsxmas

Now that I am living in Paradise, I am very keen and excited to see and experience a Thai Christmas celebration. Our wonderful staff has put up Christmas Trees in the lobby and the restaurant and it is very fascinating to see these next to the palm trees, the famous hornbills & the beautiful Andaman Sea.

Considering all the set up & decoration that has been done already @ParadiseKohYao I can’t wait to see what is going to happen on the actual Christmas evening. I hear we have great culinary highlights & the best of entertainment planned for this special event. Keep your eyes open for further posts and I will keep you updated.
Sunny regards from Paradise and Merry Christmas!!

Franziska Mack
Management Trainee

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New Salt Water Pool


New Salt Water Pool

During our Low ‘Green Season’ The Paradise Koh Yao took the opportunity to renovate our main swimming pool & upgrade it to a Salt Water System.

Click here for more information.

The new renovated Salt Water pool at The Paradise Koh Yao is not only beautiful, but also has 3 key advantages over our old one:

1. HEALTH. A Healthier experience for our guests. Salt Water pools provide a less irritating experience, sometimes called a ’soft water’ feeling, with the reduced need for chemicals to keep the pool hygienic. Salt water is also more gentle on Eyes, Skin, and Hair – no  more red eyes, green hair & lingering chemical smell.

2. SAFETY. The Salt Water system is safer for guests and resort staff as chlorine, in tablet or liquid form, can be dangerous to both store and transport.

3. ENVIRONMENT. The Paradise Koh Yao has always been dedicated to bringing you “Back to Nature, in Total Comfort”. The new Salt Water pool fits in even better with our tropical gardens, and spectacular views of the famous Phang Nga Bay.

Thai Cooking Classes



“Thai Cooking Class – Learn how to prepare and cook your favorite Thai dishes with the incredibly fun Chef Tui. For only 950 THB per person you get to choose 3 Thai dishes from our list. You are then guided through all steps of the culinary process. Chef Tui will explain each ingredient, and demonstrate specific techniques to assemble dishes with the unique flavor of Thai cuisine. Please kindly contact the front desk before 6 pm for your cooking class.”

for more information, please click here  –>  Cooking Class


The PARADISE Team Inspection

The PARADISE TEAM would like to thank you Blue Elephant, Mom Tri Villa Royale and Trisara Phuket for the warm welcome of our team inspection on last Wednesday. We sure received all good advice and would apply to our beach resort for better service to our customers.


Event Package on customer requested.

The PARADISE KOH YAO hosted a highly organised, fun and successful house party event last Saturday 21st June 2014. The package included a professional internationally renowned musician, scrumptious starters, great cocktails, and a seafood buffet. If you are interested in booking a function like this with us, please contact our resort directly at +66 (0) 76 584 450. We would be happy to tailor a package to meet your unique requirements.