Community Impact
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Hire Locally

Our watch not only covers the environment but also the community of Koh Yao Noi. Whether through direct employment or involvement and support for local events and schools, we want any success at our resorts to be reflected in the improvement of the quality of life in our community.


95% of the resort’s working staff is employed directly from the local community

Children's Day

Suppling local events with prizes for the local children such as toys, school supplies and bikes.

%Paradise Koh Yao resort%
%Paradise Koh Yao resort%

Red Cross

Donate linens, cushions and supplies regularly to local outfits and provide additional aid when local disasters strike.

Local School

Teaming up with partners such as SKAL and Bangkok Airways to convert our old water tanks in toilets, the building of a new canteen, and a washroom for the prayer room, in addition to other donations such as school supplies and computers for the children.

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Hornbill Watch

Sustainable Activities
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Waste Management

Minimizing our negative impact by sorting, recycling and upcycling waste where ever we can.

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Environmental Commitment

Our local environment is precious to us. We are committed to preserving it by reducing our impact on it, but trying to find ways to make it stronger and healthier.

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