A Paradise Experience

Plan your stay at Paradise and book a Paradise Experience. We have put together some of our most popular activities. You can book your Paradise Experience during the online booking process on our websites under add-ons or contact us directly with your booking information.

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Onsite Activities

Onsite Activities Enjoy a wide range of activities to do right at the resort. Free

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Serenity Spa

The Serenity Spa at Paradise offers an array of body treatments and massage therapies designed to sooth your body and soul. Guests have their treatments in secluded salas discretely set on the hillside, with bamboo curtains to ensure privacy.

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Taste Authentic Thai Flavours

Experience authentic Thai cuisine and choose between:


Local Southern Thailand Dishes with produce grown right at the resort or gathered on Koh Yao


A range of Authentic Thai dishes from different provinces around all of Thailand


The popular Hot Pot BBQ, a Thai reinvent of Chinese hot pot and Korean style BBQ.



  • Your choice of dining set
  • Thai Cooking Class
  • Crop-to-Table Walkthrough

Discover Koh Yao

Explore our stunning remote islands of Koh Yao Noi and Yai. Visit the best scenic spots and connect with our small island community.



  • Top5 Trip on Koh Yao
  • Boat Trip to PakBia National Park
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%Paradise Koh Yao resort%

Romance in Paradise

Celebrate your love for each other and experience “Romance in Paradise”.



  • Private candle light dinner on the beach
  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine
  • Couples spa treatment/massage at Serenity Spa
  • Romantic rose pedal decorations

Back to Nature

Get back in touch mother nature and adventure into the wilderness.



  • Hike to the Grandfather Tree
  • Island hopping excursion
  • Kayak and mountain bike rental
  • Use of the Jungle Fitness Track
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%Paradise Koh Yao resort%

Relax and Refresh

If the body is pampered, the mind if finally free to relax. Capture Serenity and begin your journey to relaxation.



  • 2x 60 minute aromatherapy treatments
  • Access to the herbal steam room and waterfall grotto plunge pool
  • Daily yoga classes

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